Today we start our adventure

Hello all!

It’s crazy that when you put the rubber to the pavement, things can take off, and today was the day I decided to make my first strides. My idea is simple, to make the entrepreneur in you see the value in your idea and to inspire you to take action. Through these posts, I will share my progress with you and pass the lessons I learned attributed to my successes and failures.

Today, we will begin with my lesson learned on value.

As entrepreneurs, we have the responsibility of shaping a portion of the consumer’s lives. No matter the business adventure you seek, when that customer interacts with you, they will leave with a piece of your business. This piece we leave with our consumers directly descends from every decision we had made leading up to their purchase of our product, service or content. From our materials we utilized, the vendors we deal with or the staff we choose to have on our team, a little bit of that follows the consumer. When that consumer leaves with a part of our business, what value did they obtain? Are we proud of the value they received? Was it worth the value we put in? Do you believe in the value of the product the consumer left with?

Value is a measurement often portrayed in monetary figures, but we need to see it as more. While a business that focuses solely on becoming rich can be successful, the success is often based on the perverted value for the consumer at a trade for personal gain. As such, when we trade one area of value for another or put to much emphasis on one, the business suffers. So, what types of value are there? How do we incorporate all of them into our business? Why should we?

First, we need to get on the same page, before we move on, if your willing to trade all values for monetary gain, unfortunately, my advice will not be with your thought process, but I do not ask you to leave, please continue reading and see why I believe what do and compare, I would always love to hear your thoughts.

I fully believe that we need to make money, in fact, making a healthy living off what business we seek to set up is very important, but we need to earn that money with the idea of being proud of your final product, service or content and not just the monetary value it holds. This often means thinking of the impact that your business will have on the consumers, community and environment.

Getting back into it, there are many forms of value and we should balance all of them into our business. To list a few, there is value in our staff, value in the environmental impact, value in our suppliers, value in the source of our materials, value in the time we input, value in the community, value in the quality of the product and value in receiving an income. Each one of these values plays a part into defining your business. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about each one of those values and ultimately answering the question posed earlier, “How do we incorporate these values and why should we?”.

Thanks for the read and I look forward to discussing more soon!

-Timothy Olsen

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