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Itching to try your idea? Has it been bothering you that there is so many hurdles to jump? We are trying to understand those issues and are seeking to make new entrepreneurs achieve success!

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Value in our Environment

Hope you all have been well! I haven’t been able to find a time to post because my wife and I were working on our gender reveal for our… Daughter! Very excited for that, but for now we will get back to our topic on Values within a business. Today’s topic is Value of Environment,Continue reading “Value in our Environment”

Value in Our Staff

Hello All, Continuing upon the last post, we discussed a few values that a company should invest in and balance to be successful (once again, success not just being measured in monetary gain). Today’s value focus, is on staff, both the value the business sees in them and the value the staff sees in theContinue reading “Value in Our Staff”

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